Frontlines Christian Fellowship

We began in January 1988 as a group of teenagers wanting to know more about God and His word, and looking for a place to openly ask questions and search for answers. We called ourselves Frontlines Christian Fellowship, to recognize that it is a battle to try to live a holy progressively maturing life in Christ. Eventually the group grew as friends, parents and others were added on. By January 1995, we began to meet regularly on Sundays and were recognized as a church assembly. After several temporary locations, we permanently moved to 8330 Snake Lane, LaSalle, Ontario in 1998. The Lord Jesus continued to expand our mission in 2008 by allowing us to add on a multipurpose room and facility to host Wholeness Through Christ  retreats. Our vision is to see God’s people saved, healed, delivered, restored, freed and released into the divine purpose of God… to become more like Him.