Time With Jesus (TWJ) Retreats 

Wholeness Through Christ is a gentle, balanced, scriptural, powerful ministry which enables people to receive God’s freedom, release and peace into their lives and to realise NOW is the time of God’s favour.



Through a Time With Jesus Retreat, we provide ministry to help people experience God’s healing work in their lives,  releasing them from brokenness to wholeness and equipping them to take this freedom to others. We offer a place for healing through  prayer.

Family Time With Jesus Retreat – This retreat provides the same ministry as the Time With Jesus Retreat, but allows for healing to children ages 5 years and above.  This retreat will release children from brokenness and bring them to wholeness in Christ.  A parent must attend with his/her child.  This retreat is run simultaneously with a Time With Jesus Retreat.

Moving On With Jesus Retreat– This retreat is designed for those who have been on at least two Time with Jesus Retreats.  It provides more application in our daily walk with Jesus.  Those interested in this retreat are invited to apply for a Time with Jesus retreat.  Depending on number of interested applicants, a Moving on With Jesus Retreat may be opened.  Moving in the Holy Spirit Retreat is designed to learn how to move in the power of the Holy Spirit using WTC principles much more effectively in their own lives work family fellowship, prayer life and in dealing with the enemy, and in dealing with prayer ministry appointments and in praying for others – in all of this becoming stronger in the Lord Jesus and more aware of His Voice, fixing their eyes on Jesus and not the enemy

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During your Time with Jesus in Frontlines Christian Fellowship Retreat Centre, we try to ensure that all of your essential needs are provided so that you do not need to leave the conference and can focus on what Jesus is saying to you.

What is provided?
Private Bedroom with your own Double or Twin bed.  Each room contains pillows, comforter, sheets, towels, face cloth, alarm clock and mirror. Note: Our towels are medium size, if you prefer very large towels for showers please bring one from home.

Full Bathroom
You may have to share a bathroom with other conference participants (max . 3ppl/bathroom).
Hotel shampoo, conditioner, soap and hair dryer available.  Other essential needs may be available per request if you have forgotten items (ex. Toothbrush).

Provided during the retreat:

  • Continental style Breakfast with Coffee, Tea, Milk
  • Buffet Style Lunch and Supper
  • Snack breaks – ex. Pastries, fruit, nuts, tea, coffee

The conference center grounds are located along the banks of River Canard offering nature and various wildlife to enjoy. Please wear appropriate clothing as per the weather.

What should you bring?

  • Bible, Pen/Pencil, Notebook
  • Personal toiletries – ex. Toothbrush, deodorant, medications, etc.
  • We recommend you bring comfortable clothing, shoes/slippers to wear all day.
  • Outdoor clothing and footwear per seasonal weather to enjoy the conference center grounds.